Sewer and Septic Line Services


Underground sewer and septic lines carry sewage and household waste from your home or property to either a waste treatment facility (sewer line) or a septic tank located on your property (septic line). Sewer/septic lines often need to be repaired, or even replaced, if they become blocked, begin to leak, or collapse.


In households, sewer or septic lines frequently become clogged and can cause serious sewage backups in drains or yards. This happens if items such as diapers, grease, cotton balls, or other non-waste or food items find their way into toilets and down drains. The life of your septic or sewer line is significantly increased if these items stay in the trash instead of down any drain.  But if you do notice that your toilet is frequently clogged, other drains in the home are backed-up, or you smell a foul odor coming from drains, your septic or sewer line may be blocked. Mr. Fix It Plumbers can assist you with the sewer/septic line blockage. 












Sewer or septic lines can also collapse due to deterioration, tree root growth, or misaligned sewage pipes. Luckily, each plumber at Mr. Fix It can identify the collapse and it's cause quickly and develop the best course of action that will minimize damage to your home or property. 


In order to reduce further damage to your property, Mr. Fix It Plumbers provide sewer and septic line video inspections that can quickly identify the problem and cause. After isolating the location of the leak, blockage, or collapse with a camera inspection, Mr. Fix It Plumbers excavate and repair, or if necessary replace, the damaged area of the sewer/septic line. After the sewer or septic line has been excavated and repaired, Mr. Fix It Plumbers backfill the excavated area. 


Mr. Fix It Plumbers are knowledgeable and experienced. Mr. Fix It Plumbers will repair or replace your leaking, clogged, or collapsed sewer/septic line quickly and efficiently, while causing as little additional damage to your home or commercial property as possible. Mr. Fix It Plumbers offer free plumbing estimates to Sierra Vista and the surrounding areas. 

In addition to blockages, sewer or septic lines can develop cracks and begin to leak as they age. Often, tree roots begin to grow around, and eventually into the septic/sewer line and can cause it to leak, or even collapse. Wet or flooded areas in your yard may be an indication of a septic or sewer line leak or collapse. This can be repaired by a Mr. Fix It plumber. Mr. Fix It Plumbers have years of experience repairing septic and sewer line leaks, as well as any damages the leaks may have caused. 

Sewer/Septic Line Services:

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  • Camera Inspections

  • Leak Repair

  • Collapse Repair

  • Blockage Removal and Repair

  • Line Replacement

  • Line Excavation